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We are in the process of upgrading the Exercise Information System (EXIS) over the next several weeks. During this transition period, both systems will be available to access.


The new EXIS has been completely modernized and includes a beginning-to-end approach to exercise design and management. It includes support for all phases of TTX and FSE exercises: planning, design, auto document generation, event day execution, post-exercise analysis, and ongoing monitoring of corrective actions. Additionally, all designers, planners, reviewers and even players can be added and communicated with through your exercise interface.

Your EXIS Account: If you have a current EXIS account, it has been migrated to the New EXIS. Please note that you will have to reset your password.

Exercise Data: Your exercise data from the current EXIS system will be migrated to the new system in the next few weeks.

Access New EXIS / Sign up for an EXIS Account:

Current EXIS

The current EXIS is available for use to complete existing exercises and for viewing of historical data. However, certain features have been disabled and should be performed in the New EXIS.

-Registration has been disabled - Register in the New EXIS
-Exercise Creation has been disabled - Create new exercises in the New EXIS