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Welcome to the Exercise Information System

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA)’s Exercise Information System (EXIS) is an online exercise tool that guides government and industry users through the exercise planning process and provides resources to design, document, and evaluate exercises for all transportation modes. It also serves as a way for TSA leadership and exercise designers to share critical lessons learned.  EXIS is managed by the Intermodal Security Training and Exercise Program (I-STEP) and is the only exercise tool specifically tailored to the transportation industry.
EXIS is provided at no cost by TSA as an integral part of I-STEP. To become an EXIS member, click on the “Register” tab on the top right corner of this screen to complete the registration form and submit your application to TSA.
How EXIS Works
EXIS takes a step-by-step approach as it guides users through exercise planning.  First, it directs users to identify the exercise planning schedule and modal focus; next, it enables users to select specific objectives and scenario elements; and finally, it allows users to plan evaluation criteria, share best practices and lessons-learned, and create post-exercise reports. EXIS communities facilitate information sharing among users.  Users can create private communities and sub-communities to delegate tasks to other planning team members or share lessons learned between exercise teams and transportation partners.

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