FEMA releases Exercise Starter Kit for Workshop on Reconstitution of Operations
Thursday, June 25, 2020

As organizations begin to move into recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important to plan a phased approach that results in restoration of full organization functionality. FEMA recently released an Exercise Starter Kit designed to assess current organizational status and develop a plan for moving forward. The kit includes necessary materials to conduct a virtual half day workshop.

The following materials are included with the kit:

  • A fact sheet that explains the materials provided.
  • A Facilitator Guide that provides instructions for planning and executing the workshop.
  • PowerPoint Slides that can be edited for a specific organization and presented during the virtual workshop

The FEMA Workshop includes four themes: People, Facilities, Messaging & Communication, and Resources & Logistics. The workshop provides an extremely effective approach to finding potential organizational issues and responses to help organizations develop roadmaps for functional reconstitution. Critical questions answered during the workshop include:

  • Do we need to revise our human resources policies to accommodate new work arrangements, or to detail processes for sick employees or those with sick family members exposed to the virus or showing symptoms?
  • Do we have plans in place to monitor changing conditions for another wave of COVID-19? What are the potential triggers for changing conditions due to another wave?
  • How will we accommodate, promote and maintain good social distancing and hygiene practices in our facilities?

Access the materials below:

Fact Sheet: FEMAFactSheet_ReconstitutingOperationsESK-2-28.pdf

Facilitator Guide: ReconstitutingOperationsESK_FacilitatorGuide-2-28.docx

PowerPoint Presentation: ReconstitutingOperationsESK_SampleSlides-2-28.pptx

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