Frequently Asked Questions
Why can't I access some information on EXIS?
Only registered users are allowed to access the information secured in EXIS. Some exercise information contained in EXIS is considered sensitive security information or local security information and is not available to the general public. To request registered user access, see the following FAQ.​​
How do I become a registered user?
To become a registered user, first complete the registration process and submit your registration application to TSA through this site TSA will review your application to verify that you have a "need to know" (49 CFR Part 1520.11). Registered user status is provided to private industry and Federal, State and local government representatives that meet the requirements of 49 CFR P​art 1520.07 Covered Individuals. All applicants will receive an email advising them on the status of their registration request.
Whom do I contact if I have a question that is not answered by the FAQs?
See the Contact Us section for contact information organized by topic.​
What is I-STEP?
The Intermodal Security Training and Exercise Program (I-STEP) is the Transportation Security Administration's (TSA) program for conducting transportation security training and exercises in the Transportation Systems Sector (TSS). Transportation security partners use the program to reduce risk in preparedness, prevention, response, and recovery from  a Transportation Security Incident (TSI).
Who is involved with I-STEP?
The Transportation Security Administration, Federal partners, and private transportation industries with an interest in intermodal transportation security are involved in I-STEP. Private industry (operators) are the primary beneficiaries of the program -developing exercises and evaluation measures to test transportation security plans.
Does participation in I-STEP meet any Federal requirements for security exercises?
I-STEP is a federally recognized stand-alone exercise program and meets the requirements of the 911 Act, multiple HSPDs and PPDs. The program provides a process with clear and consistent performance measures for transportation security. I-STEP processes and tools are regularly updated to meet the changes and requirements of new laws and regulations.  I-STEP is aligned with the Department of Homeland Security's (DHS), Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) to provide seamless operations during exercises between Federal, state and local governments and TSS operators.​ 
Exercise Information System (EXIS)
What is EXIS?
The Exercise Information System (EXIS) is an exercise design and tracking tool developed by the Transportation Security Administration. 
EXIS provides a beginning-to-end set of processes to the TSS operator which includes exercise development, evaluation tools, and report development. An operator with little or no formal exercise design training can use EXIS to develop their own personalized security exercise.
Who utilizes EXIS?
EXIS is a complete exercise tool to help plan, design, execute, analyze, and monitor. It is utilized by all exercise participants (planners, designers, reviewers, writers, etc.) as well as all players. Exercise planners use EXIS to design exercises, test security plans, and enhance protocols and procedures. The Transportation Security Administration uses EXIS as part of its "intelligence driven-risk reduction" mission to ensure that security objectives are being met.​
Who is allowed access to EXIS exercise and evaluation modules?
EXIS is comprised of three areas: a portal level area, community level area, and exercise level area. 
All Registered users belong to the portal level and are able to access the same information for exercise design, lessons learned, objectives, scenarios, and best practices. 
The community level is a specific grouping of users with a common purpose or function. A community may be established based on region, organization, or industry type. Within an established community is a group of exercise spaces which are controlled by the community manager to focus on specific issues. 
The exercise level allows an operator to design a security exercise.  The process at the start of an exercise, will establish roles / privileges within the exercise. Exercises can also be designed independent of a community. 
Can EXIS help me?
If you are an operator with a need to test transportation security plans and enhance security, EXIS may be helpful in the development of your exercises. Registered users may access any of the information available on the site to assist with exercises. If you are not currently registered, refer to the registered user FAQ above for details. EXIS contains security objectives and scenarios which are dynamic, transportation-centric, and modal-specific.
Is there a cost associated with using EXIS?
EXIS is currently funded by the Transportation Security Administration as an integral part of I-STEP. There is currently no cost to visitors or registered users utilizing the site or the tools provided within the site.​
Technical - Browser Requirement
What browser should I use to view the EXIS?
EXIS is best viewed with Microsoft Edge. Browser is either pre-installed on your computer or can be downloaded directly from Microsoft.​​
Technical Support
What should I do if I have trouble accessing EXIS or have questions?​
Please contact the EXIS Contact Center. The center is staffed and available to support persons who have technical questions or experience difficulties when attempting to access EXIS. Our staff can also answer questions regarding exercises or can direct you to the I-STEP Program Office.​

How do I contact the EXIS Contact Center?

You can reach the EXIS Contact Center by phone or email.
The hours of operation are: Monday-Friday, 7am-7pm (Central Time). We are closed on U.S. holidays.
How long does it take to get a response and a resolution?
Our support team will work for an expeditious resolution to your issue. You will be contacted either same day or within 24 hours, excluding weekends and holidays. Most issues are minor and can be resolved quickly over the phone or via email. ​

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